We have experience with all roof types and can help you choose which will work the best for your upgrade. Whether you are looking to repair your current roof, waterproof it, or fully replace it, we are the team for the job. Our roofers are highly proficient in all areas of residential and commercial roofing and will be able to handle your roof, whether for a residential property, commercial building, restaurant, or industrial property. Give us a call to get a free estimate on our services for all roof types!

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Residential Roof Types

Our roofers are adept at installing, repairing and replacing nearly all roof types on residential properties. Each material has its own benefits, and its own things to keep in mind, but our team will be happy to meet with you on your home and help pick the right one for you.

Whether you are worried about being budget-conscious, or getting a roof that will last a lifetime, or maybe you want a bit of both, as long as you have the most stunning home on the street, our team of roofing contractors will be happy to help you get the roof type that will do the most for you. The roofs we most commonly work with are:

Shingle roofs – we offer the leading shingles from the best manufacturers, and we perform expert installation for even the most demanding applications.

Metal roofs – one of the most progressive roof types commonly found today, a metal roof is light enough to go on any structure, but can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Call for a free estimate!

Tile roofs – for unbeatable style and elegance, and a lifetime of service, a tile roof may be the way to go for you. One of our roofers will inspect your home to ensure it is properly set up to get a tile roof, call us today to schedule an appointment!

Flat Roofs – are one of the most common types, and to prolong their longevity need to be handled with special care. Call us for the best option for your flat roof.

Commercial Roof Types

Each commercial property is slightly different, and may require different qualities from its roof. We are able to repair just about any commercial roof type, and we install the following types:

Foam roofing – contact us to get a free estimate on foam roofing for your industrial or commercial property!

Commercial Roof Types

Durolast – one of the leading types of industrial roofing in the industry, Durolast roof is a great solution for nearly any and all types of commercial properties.

Built Up Roofs – once the traditional approach to flat roofing in America, built-up roofing systems (also known as BUR) are enjoying renewed popularity due to significant improvements in materials, design and application techniques. They are extremely durable and are highly resistant to puncturing and general rooftop abuse. We highly recommend them for roofs that seal a great deal of traffic. Your BUR can have a life expectancy of 15-25 years, are easy to maintain or service, and are quite reliable.

BUR does have a limited ability to handle expansion and contraction which requires the installation of expansion joints. As with modified bitumen roofing systems, ponding water can shorten the roof’s effective service life, and it can also emit an offensive odor during the installation process. We are cautious during installation due to the open flame that is required to install it. Built-up roofs do frequently require more maintenance than other types.

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We repair, replace and install nearly all roof types in Bentonville, Springdale, Fayetteville and surrounding cities.

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